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Thread: Gauersnaut - very large map

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    Gauersnaut - very large map

    I had a few ideas for a map I started 3 years ago.

    Gauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-10-23_00-51-45_1-png

    It is a very large map and it has to prove it is ok technically speaking, FPS-wise. I think a lot of things can be improved, vegetation in particular, as it seems to be the main source of FPS dropping. But I need some kind of guidelines there, because despite the tons of trials, it still is unsatisfactory.

    It should be a good place for flying, so I added the localizer devices at the end of the runway but I was unable to perform ILS landing (referring to this). Maybe it is because I'm a noob at that or maybe it is because of something not working.

    Gauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-10-31_23-29-28_1-png Gauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-10-31_23-32-20_1-png

    You can follow paths marked by objects to go from place to place. I'll add more with time.

    Gauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-10-31_23-34-19_1-png

    I used the waypoints scripting to have vehicles go along certain routes on their own, automatically. You can either jump in the vehicle and have yourself driven through or try to follow it with another vehicle. The second might be more exciting (not to say the first could be a bit boring, the rides are long). At the end of one of the rides, you'll see it is possible to have snowfall on some parts of the terrain, not everywhere. Depending on speed and terrain, physics and maybe computer performance, vehicles might miss a waypoint and circle around till it catches it. I tried to tune that the best I could,but some glitches might still occur. You tell me.

    Gauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-10-31_23-42-18_1-png Gauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-11-01_12-14-55_1-png

    You'll find a lot of strange things in this map. I myself cannot explain all. There is more to come, but I'd rather hope it deepens the mysteries.

    Gauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-10-31_23-30-55_2b-png Gauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-10-31_23-35-07_1-png Gauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-10-31_23-40-05_1-png

    Here is the Link to the thread on the old forum.
    The video still exists on youtube :

    I hope you enjoy, share your impressions, tell me what you like/dislike, etc. and forgive my terrible english
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    Re: Gauersnaut - very large map

    Just download the file you upload , but i can't open it to play , is it's some problem not fix yet? i can't wait for it ~~~ hope you fix it asap , Thank you~!

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    Re: Gauersnaut - very large map

    My God this is an amazing map! Even though I can't run it on and see it's full beauty, I can run it on 4.8, where unfortunately I can't see the trees, but even then this is an amazing addition to RoR.
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    Re: Gauersnaut - very large map

    I made a mistake when I recently added something in the map. The result is that some of the marked paths are not cleared from trees. I shall re-upload something as soon as possible.

    Terribly sorry about that.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Please put the gsnautsapinsdiff.png file below in the file.
    It's a density map including clearing of the pathways through trees.

    Renders without and with :

    Gauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-11-04_13-20-44_1-pngGauersnaut - very large map-screenshot_2018-11-04_13-27-31_1-png

    Sorry again.
    Don't hesitate to let me know of other problems.
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    Re: Gauersnaut - very large map

    very nice and big map

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    Re: Gauersnaut - very large map

    Too hard for my old laptop. Could you make smaller version of this map with less vegetation?
    Greets from finland.

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    Re: Gauersnaut - very large map

    You want a "FPS" version ?
    Here you are.

    But of course it's a joke.
    Because this is about making something very large, with a lot of details... Something you could get lost into.
    Anyway it doesn't work if no computer can play it. So I wonder how many of you guys have the same problem as Smellysock. 56 downloads were done so far. Can anyone tell me it works fine ? How about FPS ? What is the slowest admissible ? Should I really reduce the size ? Start another map all over...

    As to vegetation, smellysock, you can set it in the configurator, choose between 0, 20%, 50 % and full.
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    Re: Gauersnaut - very large map

    thx for your help

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    Re: Gauersnaut - very large map

    Quote Originally Posted by Tatanovitch View Post
    Can anyone tell me it works fine ? How about FPS ? What is the slowest admissible ? Should I really reduce the size ? Start another map all over...
    Yeah, I will state this now, it is best to run this map without any vegetation at all, otherwise it will crash when loading with anything else. As for the FPS, I get around 33-34 due to my specs, but I can't say the same for others who have either higher specs or lower specs. Overall though, the map does look very intricate with the design, and does look really good. And as for reducing the size, I think it would be a good idea, but that is your call.
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    Re: Gauersnaut - very large map

    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnVallance View Post
    I get around 33-34 due to my specs,
    I've got a 2012 MSI laptop + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M (3Go GDDR5) + 12GB RAM. CPU corei7 3610 QM 2.30GHz. My storage is obviously not SSD.
    I'd say my specs are lower than yours (could be wrong, though...), still the map doesn't crash on loading and I get 20-30 FPS with full vegetation, about 50 without any.
    There must be something else.
    Could you be a little more specific about the crash ?
    A trial would be to put rem marks (//) before every vegetation line of the TOBJ file except one and see what happens on loading. Crash/no crash. Then, if it doesn't crash the first time, remove the // off one line at a time and try again.

    Edit : I get a crash on loading from time to time, when I add something. I should try to make it happen on purpose and check the log.
    And thanks for your answer and good words
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