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Thread: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

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    Re: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    Great job and good looking too

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    Re: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    Putting in work.
    (NEW) GMT400 Pack-screenshot_2018-02-13_20-21-25_1-png(NEW) GMT400 Pack-screenshot_2018-02-13_20-19-43_1-png(NEW) GMT400 Pack-screenshot_2018-02-13_20-19-29_1-png(NEW) GMT400 Pack-screenshot_2018-02-13_20-19-18_1-png
    (NEW) GMT400 Pack-screenshot_2018-02-13_20-19-02_1-png(NEW) GMT400 Pack-screenshot_2018-02-13_20-18-36_1-png(NEW) GMT400 Pack-screenshot_2018-02-13_20-18-21_1-png(NEW) GMT400 Pack-screenshot_2018-02-13_20-18-00_1-png

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    Re: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    Quote Originally Posted by Brett View Post
    Putting in work.
    What suspension type are those using?
    i may not be good but goshdang, do i try

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    Re: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    The trail truck version, shown there is leaf sprung front and rear.

    The stock truck is leaf sprung rear with standard independent front suspension on the front.

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    Re: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    Brett you are an awesome modeler i have all the old pack, the toyota pack they are my most used trucks i have to hand it to you i love the work your doing keep up the amazing work

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    Re: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    Nice job Brett.

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    Re: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    any updates on this mod

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    Re: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    (NEW) GMT400 Pack-screenshot_2018-04-13_14-23-50_1-png
    Win 10Pro rig | i5 3570k | GTX 970 | 16GB ram |
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    Re: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    cant wait for download!

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    Re: (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    How many versions do you plan on implementing? This is not a request, I just want to know.

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