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Latest reviews

Game keeps crashing while im trying to spawn a bus MY DISK SPACE IS LOW D:::
It's okay, but most roads are broken and cut off
it is ok rods are bit you know
it is just good i liked it
These cars are a great addition to your game if you want a bunch of cars with the damage factor. The whole pack comes with a bunch of different cars, which is convenient as you can use all these cars from one download. But then these cars are noticeably well made, with small details on all of the cars. These cars can damaged, which increases how fun it is to play with these cars.

One problem is that a few cars seem to be flawed, but you still have all the other vehicles in the pack to use and crash.
This is a very excellent mod that is fun to play around with. First off, this is a fairly detailed model, where even the seats look realistic. Next the bus deforms in a fairly realistic way, which looks excellent. If other large vehicles were like this bus, it would be awesome!
Rigs of Rods an off-road truck simulator initially and now a versatile physics physics simulator. With a large community working to keep this project always evolving and allowing to do incredible things.
Great mod! There's lots of detail, and it runs smoothly, even on a generations-ago laptop processor with integrated graphics! It's well constructed, and the code looks very well made. Overall a very fun vehicle to interact with.
best mobile all terrain crain
btw id Jason hills is here please tell me on this commit
because this is ur friend on discord my account name is king number number number number Rember ybr from the game
I wanted to use this mod but my game crashed every time i try to spawn
when ever i spawn in the 2018, it just crashes, and I really want to try the 2018 one out, but other than that, looks amazing bro nice work
Great modeled cars. Brakes aren't that good, but it is still a good pack nonetheless.
Pretty good. My one complaint is that it's 4 tons, which seems a little excessive.
my only problem is that the 2018 crashes my game but the rest is great nice work
Archive skins still work on it, which is great. All around a fun thing to move other things with.
Pretty great vehicle, especially considering just how few quality jeeps there are that have a stock-like appearance. Unfortunately does not work in 0.4.8 as of build 61+
jason i messaged you on discord remember also awesome pack!
i also recommend yall make a c2 if yall do plese make it have door air sounds