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Awesome School Bus Mod!!!
Not bad, but today it could be better :D You forgot to put author of original motorbike concept, which was Davded. I just modified this concept and put my own meshes on it. So he made 50% of this mod.
Fixed, thanks :)
it's great as the one of the first or the first bike but the picture is a little click bait (it can be my graphics settings)
It's fine and dandy.
i absolutely love it! make more BMW's! like a modern 3 or 5 series!
i love the Boeing 767 too much!! please make more Airline skins or another Boeing aircraft!
Great mod Mike!
exelente camionetas
Nice Mod, Keep up the good work.
love this!! sure thers a few problems here and there (most annoyingly, the broncos axles break every half second) but its a really useful mod!
nice capabilities, but whats with the deformation? not as good as other repository
The file is identical to the one on the old Repository. It's not really designed to deform.
это самый лучший трактор в мире !! AKA This is the best tractor ever!!!
[yes i used translate]
Is this going to be fixed? Crashes my game!!!
how do you hook up a vehicle? theres no command for that
I like the map and was just wondering what vehicle the lifted truck is
This map has a lot of space to drive and I really like it.
Very good car :
the exterior is beautiful, it's nice to drive, and the damages are good.

The only cons are the interior which is unfinished and the doors and the trunk are trembling when they are damaged.
This mod is very cool :
Beautiful exterior and interior, good deformations, good driving sensations (especially with the extreme edition ;) )

Thanks for this very good car.

(Tested in 0.4.8 development build of RoR)
This mod is very cool and beautiful but the front suspension is weird during the curves and it's hard to turn.
I also think the front wheels aren't grippy enough.
Thank for this mod, I love it!

EDIT : I was playing in 0.4.7 version, but in 0.4.8, it's really better, the only remaining issue is the front suspension wich stills a bit flabby.
Pretty good. I like how detailed it is.