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It's a good trailer and all, but it needs a few things to make it practical:
1. The loaded and unloaded versions should be in the same .truck file in sections
2. the extra -1s in the author section need to be removed so we can search for it using your name
It's a good trailer and all, but it needs a few things to make it practical:
1. DumpTrailer-frame.mesh needs to be renamed to something like DumpTrailer-mainframe.mesh to prevent conflicts with another dump trailer of yours.
2. Needs a cinecam
3. Needs a minipic
4. Remove the extra -1 so we could find it using your name
The truck is good but the wheels and axles are see through
Excellent war machine.
Does what it is built to do, and nothing else. I have no complaints about the 96T, nor ever will. Great little trailer that is fun to haul around and great for skinning, as would be expected.
Nice pack though......
Best mods ever!!!!!!!!!!
the vehicle is good to drive! but the tires are textureless. which is a minor bother.
yes yes very kerbal
thank you joey.
Love thease buses 2018 crashes my game..A.D.M17x Its Ctrl 1&@ Stop sign is F2 F1 and door is f4and 3
It's pretty good, best of all the trophy trucks I have tried during my time in ROR. Keep it up!! If in the future you provide us permission to download and edit the mod, we could maybe add different style wheels, tires, a trophy truck rear light bar that lights up different ways by pressing the numbers on my keyboard.
A fun mod made even better.
great buses just the 2018 crashes the game would love to drive it tho