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  1. Austin

    What is this vehicle?

    Timberjack 225 by Cydvx https://cdn.anotherfoxguy.com/repo-backup/Timberjack_225.zip
  2. Austin

    Modding Question

    1. Blender, Notepad. 3. Everything is possible in ror.
  3. Austin

    Why are certain cars not showing in-game?

    Works for me after extracting the .rar contents and zipping them instead.
  4. Austin

    Bugs found 2022.04

  5. Austin

    Render HD maps of terrains?

    Tools > Texture Tool will show the map used for the mini map. they aren't high res but it's better than nothing.
  6. Austin

    random question

    You could use "Extra mod path" in ror.cfg.
  7. Austin

    Do any Beamng mods work for RoR?

    Do farm sim mods work in american truck simulator? no.
  8. Austin


    That's not what RoR is about. And per the wishes of the original creator firearms/gore/ect are not allowed.
  9. Austin


    Yup.... Oh wait you meant in the game.
  10. Austin

    Does Stick Shift Work On Keyboard? If So, How?

    Shift = Clutch A = Shift Up Z = Shift Down
  11. Austin

    Command buttons dont work.

  12. Austin

    44ft Tilt Deck Gooseneck Trailer Skins 1

    A few skins originally made by @Austin in 2014 for his 44ft Tilt Deck Gooseneck Trailer, and repackaged by @DarthCain and @Xploder98. The included skins are: Caterpillar Red Hope you enjoy!
  13. Austin

    4400 Skins 2021-11-02

    Old skins made by me from the old repository, combined into one skinzip.
  14. Austin

    4400 Skins

    Austin submitted a new resource: 4400 Skins - Skins for Negs 4400 Read more about this resource...
  15. Austin

    Help! My game won't start

    On AMD, the game will not launch unless OpenGL is commented out in the plugins.cfg file. Place a # in front of Plugin=RenderSystem_GL in plugins.cfg in the installation directory.