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Latest reviews

car is great but when im at high speeds the car swerves to the left and i have to stop to make it go back straight idk why
mercedes-benz. the best or nothing
Best map in RoR in my opinion
had fun launching peel p50s i reccomend
its so heavy that i couldnt even pick it up using node grab
most cool thing is the peel p50 crane that fails
this is one of the only 3 wheeled cars in the game, with almost all other cars being nowhere near as small as it. the 8 different versions contrast each other perfectly, with the stock versions looking pretty realistic (apart from it's submesh so it's really heavy) also the steering wheel does not move (yet) and it has no texture. overall, a pretty solid mod for people who like obscure classic cars.
touring car becomes an unstoppable brick if the weight is cranked up to the max
Check yeah, finally modern American cruisers!
10/10. Fabulous. Everything is perfect, just like every single one of PoLi's mods.
Real good mod, it looks awesome and better than beamng meshlaps. :)
Another beauty by Mike, cannot comprehend how beautiful these are. Huge thanks.
5 stars, all of your work deserves this rating. Drives great, looks fabulous, fucking awesome!
This is just fire. It's got everything you could imagine of (except an elephant). Wonderful job, PoLi.