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How do I spawn these.... it been a long time since i used train valley
i love the Delta livery! can i suggest you to also make a modern American Airlines paint( you know, the modern AA livery) and also make a Trans World Airlines skin with the final 1995 logo? you know the one i'm talking about right?
The buses are good but one of them is hard to control and the other school bus with the side emergency door it open when i turn the lights on but it doesn't want to close
love this im working on my first mod that i may try this in anyone that want a steering wheel this is the right one
Great little Jeep. I have one that I've had for awhile, (In game) that came with a roof rack, no bumper, and had stuff in the back already installed. No idea where I got it from. Probably the old Archives. Either way I love this little Jeep. Not the greatest, but not bad.
One of my favorite off roading vehicles of all time. It's small, yet has good ground clearance. It has good deformation, a good model and different gearboxes. Not very fast, but not slow. The only thing more I would ask of it would be collisions, but you can't expect everything.
where do I put the file to make it work? or do I just have to put it in rigs of rods folder?
Really nice planetary terrain to drive rovers across. Best part is you are not stuck with no gravity, you can simply change it through the console.
Ok, thank you A.D.M17X.
I'm actually going to use this a lot more because of the improved controls.
The map concept is really cool, and it being probably the only map that has reduced gravity. But the map should have a little more gravity, as it is really hard to drive.
bus 48 you hit control, then use 1 2 3 for lights and f1 f2 f3 and f4 for controlling stop sign lift arm and doors
When I try to spawn it in Rigs of Rods 4.7 version, none of the lights work and the tires, rubrails, and everything is white. All the buses in this pack are like that for me.
really like these trucks they are the one of the best mods i always liked old ford trucks
I will admit I didn't expect 0 gravity. its damn cool man
this skin is so cool! can you make a Delta Airlines Boeing 767 skin? (i mean, if you're the one who made it)
I can try to make a Delta Airlines Skin, of course. This File is actually reuploaded from Archives, I just fixed it for the new version.
So i was getting this crane hoping that id be able to lift things with it but It seems that when i try to use it It is very slow to extend And one of the controls for it is Alt F4 You know what that does

And i cant seem to rotate it Other then that its great But would be nice if it could be fixed
I Love This Truck, Can you make more Monster Trucks like a Monster Bus