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I like it much too long :)
Excellent idea for map,IMHO it needs a railroad :)
Besides, what skins is your own?
its a good looking wheel!

Is there a way to rescale the size of it?
Probably better than the Gabester vehicles... Yes, better!
quattro painjobs sometimes can glitch.
God I love the Quattro - such a joy to drive! Great damage as well!
After loading, there are some strange black objects above me, terrible FPS & the game will crash almost immediately.
very useful, thanks for the work
good old daf
Thanks Neg for fix the bug.
I absolutely love this....I am making a couple changes for myself (and crediting you). If I get enough likes or positive feedback could we do some collabs?
Starling Island Weasel Rescue Boat crashes the game, but this terrain is AMAZING.
It's a nice pickup for off-roading. I love it!
These skins look very nice :)
Can you make this mod lights
he always gives his best but when we ask for releasing mods then he never reply. thank you Negativeice to share this mod with us.
I like this car very much. Damage looks well on this vehicle and it fells very nice to drive.