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I love this car because I was born in the UK. :)
Best truck ever! I would love to see more European trucks in RoR. That would be nice
Really good car but unfortunately though, the engine is too loud. RIP Headphone users
Nice but it would be better if it has a tow hitch to attach another Cheetah trailer from behind and form a road train
Nice skin, man. These skin really fits the truck
Really nice truck. Although the 5th wheel tends to wobble around and struggles with semi heavy loads.
I think that this car is cool I love how it deforms overall it looks nice
*insert deliver tofu meme here*
I love those cars. Jalkku, you're the best!
Very detailed and realistic model.
Two thumbs up!
It's perfect, the epic liveries, the Bluetooth suspension and it looks 101% like the real thing!
"Bad boys, bad boys, watchya gonna do, watchya gonna do when they come for you?"
This looks just like it no other vehicle looks 100 like its real thing but this does
even the semi looks exactly like sergei huh i be dang it would be nice to have a skin made up to look like his on his truck
up to the regular par, but you did kinda forget one thing... no tie down points... how am I supposed to haul it on your trailers... LOL
YAY, Finally released! This a great mod, very fun and it works well with the marble blocks. Thanks NegIce
i love it. especially the easter egg 10/10
no softbody but who cares its a cybertruck
nice and colorful terrain with lots of potential
Good, fun mod but the left winch always goes down and only stops then you press the up button for it. this also means that it doesn't go up, so it's kinda annoying but good mod.
Sounds like your F5/F6 keys are sticking, winches operate normally for me and I haven't seen anyone else report this.