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Great mod of a mod, except for the fact that it now has way too much torque for my liking. Still, easy fix.
One problem, with the "Driftking" version there is a problem with the front wheel axle breaking on both sides.
please add the front and rear shock absorber for more realistic
The steering controls are bad, I am use to steering with arrows not f11 and f12.If there was a version with steering with arrows or if the steering was with arrows I would of rated a 5 star review.
Very detailed cars and fast cars
I was expecting actual instructions, not few lines of code without context.
You just paste the lines into their appropriate sections, it's pretty self explanatory:
A great plane!
One of the best bus mods.
The Map is awesome
We have the greatest flags, don't we folks?
A RoR classic.
Best mod in the game!!!!!!!!!!
Great terrain for boating, trucking, or flying.
Best bus in Rigs of Rods history. No buts about it!
Really good quality! Best bus on Rigs Of Rods!
I wanted to give it a higher rating (this version) but I wish the right side of the aircraft's liveries weren't mirrored.
Agent V12
Agent V12
Thanks to the newly updated 767, I am currently editing every skin to have a properly oriented right side texture.
I love these old Cabovers. You did a good job on it.
Nice job, I like the CVPI in the Utah skin.
A good, solid RoR terrain. Has anything you would want it to, for the most part.