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Great truck. One of the best mods in the game. Good Deformability and excellent details. I'm surprised it didn't eat away all of my RAM with that level of detail.

Only issues are that it tends to pull to the left a little while driving, and the other thing is I was hoping for slightly better handling and acceleration, other than that, It's epic.
Love It!
exellent qualtiy modelling and detailed interior an fonctional dashboard
best map 😀
Can't go wrong with a Tatra!
Grew chest hair just by looking at it.
The Killdozer!
Brings back a lot of memories of my childhood with RoR. Thank you.
Feels like I can build a legit house with all these equipment. Amazing work.
Phoenix to Tower, requesting to buzz the deck over.
Oh Harry! This won't be a normal magic school trip!
Just a man with his Komatsu.
If only BeamNG has branded busses like these. Amazing work man!
This here folks is why I play Rigs of Rods. 5/5 Best mod.
Open the toilet for a surprise!
Great car, a old brother of a new version, the Ford Taurus! I wish the Ford Taurus is in rigs of rods, Thank you!!!
best ford truck