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It’s nice. I’d prefer 3D headlights, but I’m okay with what we got.
Love the excavator! One thing though. How do I haul thus beast? I tried loading sideways by using boom to lift tracks to get on Neg Boom 85ton Trailer since ramp is too narrow to match extension, it rather destroy the main boom ram, only lift about a foot then snap. I also tried the 55 ton Fontaine that's low to ground, the extension platform is not useable since it just rode through it like it's not there. How, pray do tell, do I haul this thing?? All in all, love the excavator, it's just the hauling problem.
The machine weighs about 125 US tons. It would be disassembled to be moved around. You can hold backspace to load it sideways on the Mr. Phat trailer on the repo if you want to move it though.
12/10yo most capable offroad vehicle in the game, practically drives up walls, looks like a "papercraft diy bus" cutout from a cereal box
Awesome interior, the gauges and gear indicator are amazingly done. Drives great, too. Cool camera angles.
Very fun to roam around in.
Should come in the vehicle pack
Also the boom #2 , the long one with hook, after the 200 foot boom, the hook doesn't seems to be functional, the counterweight boom hook works.
Very nice vehicle. Sounds good too! Vehicle damage points could be a bit better but other than that its a great vehicle.
Im am happy about this bus way better than the other buses :)
Works great! Turned my Subaru into a subuwu! Very fun!
good track, very fun
almost no damage, but if hit car very strong it can be damaged (i dropped it from plane)
There's a command that requires you to hit Alt + F4. And it's unlabeled.
Aside from that, it's a good mod.
Missing 2 stars as an odd beam is placed under the tail. That prevents us from taking off at lower speeds as it has trouble getting to 70 knots.
This is so brilliant! It makes loading soo much easier! Thank you!
Very good mod! Not perfect but the cars drive excellently. Very fun aswell! I love this!
Checkpoint location is whaaaaack. Quite sad as the layout itself is great. Reminds me of Laguna Seca.
a good Idea with good execution!
combining 3 maps into one.
the only thing that could've made this map even better is a freeway system linking the 3 maps together.
Good Job brother. Keep it up.
1/5 no diks poking outta tailpipe