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Sounds may conflict (e.g. with G20/30 or Kodiak).
wth fix the one side skin bug. ya an't impressive. try harder lmao but that "quality" seems to not exist, it's so severe that it even cuts half of the plane on some liveries. plz fix
Its good car, but can you add a jbeam or whatever the crash structure is so it crashes the car and not the game

that wording does not make any sense but you probably know what i mean
Awesome School Buses!
Bluetooth suspension got it 5 stars but it does not turn on at all which brought it down to 4 stars
"Engines spawn running" must be enabled, otherwise it won't start.
-- This is all my opinion. Don't take offense from it. --
Model - Great exterior, missing windows but I don't really care about that
Interior is good, although I think it needs some touching up :D

Suspension - I'm not a big car fanatic, so I'm just gonna say it's great lol

Destruction - As said in the "features" area, deformation is okay, not good but not bad

Notice for people downloading: it's slow. Probably should be expected, but still very slow

Overall, great mod! Glad to have another car in the ROR repository.
it works great! ive been waiting for a Heavy duty mobile crane for ages
Sorry to tell you but when I download this mod first time it worked perfectly but second time I get in game whenever i try to spawn some of those vehicles or attachments I get truck file not found.What to do Im confused?
I love your awesome buses, Keep up the great work! P.S. If you're working on a bus, Can I do an overview on it?
Man... I love being thrown into space while im in the porta potty.
I don't know why, but for some reason, if you crash the estate version, it'll turn into a low poly, buggy mess that freaks out, and flies across the map before resetting itself. The mod is still great, and the cars are fun to drive!
I like this :)
I'm glad you do!
this pack is amazing! thanks Negice
Actually it really helps you can load like skids and loads to flatbed and vehicles without problem thank you.I am giving 5 because its your first mod and its useful thing but its awesome!
Thank you very much!
great map but when i updated it, it doesn't open it loads to 99% and i need to force close it
Your PC isn't powerful enough to run the map.
Thank you NegativeIce for Christmas !
Amazing map, thanks for adding a hitbox to the ground. Its great for driving around and flying planes.
Can you make other skin base other states