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all good but when i try to put the boat on the trailer they dont collide, it falls trought the trailer, need help with it
You need to press O to attach the boat to the trailer.
Great truck. What is the song that plays when you press the horn?
This might help with broke down school buses.
Wow. It works. Not really sure what else to say. It's unique? It's different?
But it's amazing.
It's a good car but it's a little off liking.
Awesome mod, I don't understand how you would remove the traction control on the overland version. A reply would be appreciated.
Dear contributors, thank you for this beautiful vehicle.

I request you to add a GUID to this vehicle. It will be helpful for us to design skins for this beautiful coach.
I really like it very good but when I open configuration menu I dont see mouse coursor its making me angry xD
It drives perfect!
An extravagant masterpiece of amazing luxury! An action movie star's limo!
Handles surprisingly well, absolutely hilarious, and chases down it's inferior brethren with a ferocity never seen before. Love the heated seats.
Great work, I love the way how driving this car is way more challenging than earlier cars
I'd love to see some more of these limousine conversions!
Good Bus, but the interior buttons are broken. If you fix this issue, the bus will be perfect.
thanks for the mod
It looks like the car in Forza Horizon!
very well made, just sometimes starts to jump unto the air for me whenever the tread guards hit something. Also, the steering is a bit awkward. other than that, very well made
the exterior of the bus looks really realistic!

so is the interior.

the only complaint I have with it is that the dashboard ain't complete, which might be because metrodude didn't complete the whole bus yet

it's still a good city bus to drive in ror
Unique sounds, great interior, amazing amount of custom parts to personalize it, Mitchieboy has packed this mod with high quality.