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Latest reviews

Overall, this pack is a good pack of cars compared to others. These deform properly without really easily glitching, as well as the wheels can actually fall off! This car from the exterior and engine is very detailed, which is great for photo shoots if you're into that stuff.

Only problems that I have is that the interiors seem a bit plain, the off-roading vehicle crashes ROR, and there is not much tractions.

Otherwise it would've gotten 5 stars.
i love topgear and now im able to race in the track in a game :D thanks mike
Hi... Ive downloaded this pack before, but after the 4.7.0 update, the bus wheels has gone white, there is no sound, and the amber and stop lights dont work anymore. I was wondering why because I downloaded it and redownloaded it, and it is still the same thing.
Even though I'm not a fan of flat nose buses, this bus is extremely detailed and very well made. Awesome job! Just a suggestion, if you have time, you should make an improved version of your 1st gen vision since nobody has made one that's realistic. I'd drive it all the time :)
:) I like this map a lot.
Great map for drifting or just having fun. However including the old Angelscript races would a good addition to this map.
Love them all and had so much fun Mud Bogging them to as well keep up the good work Sir or Ma'am.
love it all i have to much in in this car everyday
I love it all keep up the good work to who this may concern Sir or Ma'am but keep up the good work
I love everything the speed, the load engine, and i was wondering how you could make be make a Mud Truck Next that is jacked up really high and big tractor tire's, and also does wheelie's.
Very useful!
nice bus models Jason.you should try to make a amtran pack
works great for me and what i need it for all you need is a hitch for it to work
I can crash test all of my cars on this map!!!!
Cool mod, I remember it in 0.4.7.
The sounds are amazing ;)
Add more cars!
Good models
i like this school bus work great.... i like school buses keep posting more