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I LOVE THIS CAR, but it has no deformation.
I love the Vehicle !!! But, it gives me a lot of lag. Can you try to fix it? :D
Is the car good but there is no interior, in future updates will they put an interior?
Pls Vehicle deformations, I'm testing cars for fun!
Please, put deformation of the vehicle. Ford Wrecker is fine :D
Wasn't this the car Jeremy Clarkson drove on The Grand Tour?
Definiately the best set of loads out here!
Great bus, though it may have a Thomas C2 gauge cluster, and the switches seem to be off a bit, it still works great and drives well.
I've managed to get the rear bumper to work but can't seem to get the rollbar to show up. Where exactly do I place the placement lines?
My favourite offroad map!
haha bike go zoom
10/10 rated

New version of gavril g2 is needed. if you are using without guid then you cannot use this
Tesla did you use the guid? cause the newer version of the g2 has been added a guid
Amazing bus. But, the controls arent on center in the front of the bus so i cant see if my reds or ambers are on.
it looks nice tbh. better than cyber truck windows.
Interesting. Maybe make an accurate Wienermobile?
this is just part of my joke series, i dont plan to expand or make an accurate version of this.
An awesome addition for RoR. Although this appears to use the crappy mobile game model that is used by countless offroad games, but that can be ignored.
They look good, but still don't know how to install.
your wienermobile looks & drives real nice.

but the brittle axles are a huge problem.
its a giant hotdog on wheels, do you think i care about the axles