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Good job doing this! The only thing that will make this perfect, would be a interior. Keep it up!
Excellent Job at putting this up! i was looking for new things like this, keep up the work!
i mainly put this up because i need new mods...
A very detailed Foxbody Mustang, I love it!
Great bus, though the display and other displays won't turn on if the bus is respawned with the ignition off.
The rally version has audio that are not mono.
Other than that, it's cool.
Well this is a good model I´m not a fan of the tires on the bus. they look a little small to me, idk it could just be me though great interior, handles great, lights great. Other than the wheels definitely a 4 star though!!!
I´ve had this mod for over 2 years, and cant get enough of it! its really my main bus as my bus used to be a flat hood bus, or that´s what I call them. haha.
This is a good pack, but the throttle is a little jank. but though the powering of file edits i fixed personally. but so far the best IC CE pack i´ve come across. and a big thanks to the modders for keeping the game up for 15 years!
Really good! Although i like the rear stearing on the bouncer, It tends to bend the wheel to the point it cant move back to the origin spot. But you have thankfully put a option for it! Thanks again. - sadsugar12 sorry for the bad grammer im 13
This is for sure, the most meticulously detailed vehicle in Rigs of Rods history. From the genius lights, to the first ever working clock in RoR, to the almost impeccable sounds and flames spitting from the pipes, this thing is an absolute work of art.
A fully functional, (semi) lightweight, deformable bus. Amazing job!