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Nice, useful and very modifiable truck. Only problem is texture (mainly body) is a bit gross and interior is something else. Still one of the best medium duty truck pack.
Hermoso, solo que debería tener mas destrucción en si al chocar con algo.
Nice tool to police RP in MP!
Good, but the turning is bad.
Easily one of my favorite maps, as it is basically the only map that can REALLY destroy my vehicles! (even the hardbody ones)
Good job on the school bus; this mod seems to be really popular, since before I downloaded it, I always missed out on the "Bus Roleplaying" on the multiplayer servers because they always used this mod. :D
Very nice, especially with the flip-up headlights. I know it is unfinished, but the absence of an interior and lights bothers me a lot. Great mod though!
great buses thing is im new to rigs of rods and I don't know controls can someone help?
Pretty nice jungle race map.
Cool truck!
love the pack
its nice but the tram is hard to put on the tracks
Best RoR terrain ever
Its great,but I am having an issue with the bus textures it does not show them it only keeps everything all white even the interior. Can you please help me. This issue also occurs on your IC CE bus pack and I cannot seem to get it to work. please help me thanks.
Just what i need for flying
Fun coastal mountain terrain.