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Detailed, lots of features, everything works as it's supposed to.
Very detailed inside and out, powerful, good brakes, and even has a furnished sleeper cab. The best all-around semi in the game IMO.
Although I love the trucks, the issue that I am having is that whenever I spawned the 1999 Ford F-250, there were some parts missing like the rear bumper, the mirrors, the interior and the tail lights but other than that, I thing that these trucks are good
Finally a deforming trailer. Good looking easy to drive with trailer overall. Love it!
Simply an awesome and easy to use trailer.
What was the trophy truck you put in the mini image? Pretty nice jungle racetrack tho. Thanks!
can you add a gate to the airport
Love the design of this thing, very realistic. Love the lights.
Nice design, love the sounds!
The '84 Bronco and the F350 are awesome, but all models from '92 are missing a steering wheel.
Very nice bus, but the front of the passenger compartment is empty of seats and a floor. But it's a good mod overall.
i like the cybertruck but i want to know how to use the BT suspension
Nice to see a Bluebird T3 in the game
really love this thing, deformation is great, handling is great, only recomendation i have is to make it fully furnished inside so when the back falls apart its like a caravan in beamng and has parts going everywhere
There's just so many trucks in this pack, and they all deform beautifully. Enough said.
I am really happy with this mod! It's very high quality. Thank you for creating this!~!
The model and deformation are beautiful and the doors function. I love it.
Hard to take off and a pain to keep airborne. Model is decent but nothing to write home about
The pinnacle of modding.