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    uploaded from archives

    uploaded from archives
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    Unsolved Help with adding an Add-on

    So the add-on that I want to use is the following one: Anyways I need a little help, as the readme file is a bit complex for me... And I don't really know how to navigate the files very well. So yeah, it would be...
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    Akai's Reshade Config

    Oh ok, that is fine.
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    Akai's Reshade Config

    So um, this might be unrelated but. What is the car on the last 2 images of the mod? I'm really curious and want to try it out. Thanks.
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    How to be able to browse outside ROR while it is running?

    Is that the 4.8.0 version? As my settings screen is different and I am using the 4.7.0 version, which doesn't have that option. Also I remember the 4.8.0 version being released, may you please link it to me? I have a windows operating system and couldn't find it. Also thanks in advance, and...
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    How to be able to browse outside ROR while it is running?

    Hello, so I use and play with Rigs Of Rods pretty often now, and I always wanted to exit it to go onto a different application, then just open back the screen to continue playing. Does anybody know how to do this? Un-checking full screen does nothing for me, besides make it have the usual three...
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    1999 Ford Crown Victoria

    Is this vehicle destructible? I remember I downloaded a few months ago, where it wasn't.