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    Wheel Help

    Want to tell me what this error means?
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    Wheel Help

    Possibly wrong thread. Havent played in about a year . I was wondering how do i get a .mesh wheel into blender? What plugins or other applications do i need. Thanks
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    Blender N/B Import/Export Plugin

    how do you import .mesh files?
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    Random Screens

    So the Fummins is back from paint. Clearly we went with a white. Next step is to drop the Cummins into her.
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    Solved Ford F350

    Going through some of my screenshots. Does anybody know where the download link of this mod went?? Been looking for a while
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    Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    Heres the truck about a year or 2 back before wheels and more goodies
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    Random Screens

    So I kind of did something today. Say hello to the Fummins. Goes in for paint later this week, and then the cummins will be put in
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    Unsolved 2wd Problem

    On Stoats 2014 ford f350 I have a problem with making it 2wd. When I do the process that has worked every time I go into game and the truck doesn't move. Any help?
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    Unsolved Stoats 2014 F350

    Has anyone gotten a link for the crewcab version of this truck? I've seen it all over but can't find a link Update: Also, when I go to make the truck 2WD it does not move in game. Anyhelp?
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    Sluss's Sounds *Taking Requests*

    Moderator can you lock this tread. Thanks. Taking a break
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    Sluss's Sounds *Taking Requests*

    May be the way the rpms are - - - Updated - - - May be the way the rpms are - - - Updated - - - Working on the 6.0 5" right now. May take some time to get all these done due to all the requests
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    Sluss's Sounds *Taking Requests*

    Ill give it a shot
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    Sluss's Sounds *Taking Requests*

    Thanks. It is not enough info. for me to know whats wrong - - - Updated - - - Im working on stuff. Ive been sick for 4 weeks
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    My custom parts!

    Nice. It looks like you're not taking requests?
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    Sluss's Sounds *Taking Requests*

    Alright, common rules I get credit for the sounds If you need sounds, I will take requests You have my permission to release mods with the sounds Enjoy them Now the fun part. Ask me what you want and they will be released to the public. Released: V6 Mustang Straight Pipe In the works: All...