first mod

  1. bunderbilt

    WIP - Beta Released 2006 Ibishu Smol, a Miata Knockoff

    So i've decided to dip my toes in the modding world. I'm in the progress of making a N/B using nodeSnap (which will most likely end horribly) The planed versions are: Miata It's not in game yet (I need to make a stable N/B) then I will figure out how to make a proper mesh so it will look like a...
  2. TankurfaceJr

    Help? Advice? Maybe?

    Soo... yeah, uh, hey guys, I'm TankurfaceJr, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me with modding. I want to create mods from the ground up, not convert it. I'm new to the whole modding thing, but I am hell-bent and determined to learn. So I was planning on making a some dirt-track race cars...