1. Austin

    44ft Tilt Deck Gooseneck Trailer Skins 1

    A few skins originally made by @Austin in 2014 for his 44ft Tilt Deck Gooseneck Trailer, and repackaged by @DarthCain and @Xploder98. The included skins are: Caterpillar Red Hope you enjoy!
  2. Uploaded from Archives

    MothTail Hydraulic Ramp Trailer 1

    MothTail Hydraulic Ramp Trailer Credits: MothBird The Wolf (now known as @Austin) Jaw-4 Controls: CTRL + F1/F2: Tongue Jacks CTRL + F3/F4: Main Ramp CTRL + F5/F6: Ramp Tip CTRL + F7/F8: Suspension Height "O": Lock Load Onto Deck (Trailer is enter-able through the vehicles drop down in...
  3. Austin

    44ft Tilt Deck Gooseneck Trailer 1.0.0