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  1. Davidmarquez

    Grub Bootloader Missing

    Hello there, everyone. This is my first time posting on this forum. Guys, I require assistance with my computer. On the same PC, I run Ubuntu and Windows 10. The grub bootloader is somehow removed after updating Windows. I'm having trouble installing the Grub bootloader. However, I am not an...
  2. kbenionste

    ROR linux on chromebook is not lauching

    It worked before but not it wont launch is it because i putted my backed up content and textures back in when i reinstalled it? And yes i reinstalled it TWICE
  3. B

    Races, and headlights not working.

    I have a couple small issues with rigs of rods: one, headlights don't seem to work; they light up certain objects, but not the ground and everything else. I've tried all manner of tweaking with the graphics settings to see if anything would make them work correctly, but nothing seems to work...
  4. Trucker Gigi

    [SOLVED] Game directory on linux?

    Hi all, I wanted to add a input map to my game. I noticed that the main directory on Linux Mint doesnt contain the same files as on windows. What is the other dir, the one with the game files (such as the input maps)? Edit: I have installed the game on the default settings and directory, but I...
  5. B

    Solved I have Linux the game does not see the clipboard

    what should i do
  6. I

    Solved Linux RoR 0.4.8-RC5 doesn't work with latest multi-player server 2020.01

    When I try to connect I see "server uses a different protocol version". Should they be able to work together? I cannot yet update to 2020.01 as the Linux build is not yet available (admittedly I could try and build it myself) I went to find the previous 0.4.8 multiplayer server but has the...