mod help

  1. TankurfaceJr

    Help? Advice? Maybe?

    Soo... yeah, uh, hey guys, I'm TankurfaceJr, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me with modding. I want to create mods from the ground up, not convert it. I'm new to the whole modding thing, but I am hell-bent and determined to learn. So I was planning on making a some dirt-track race cars...
  2. ighor001

    Solved bug ?

    what is wrong ? should I update the game?
  3. Usernamepizza

    Nodes and beams question

    First off I'm new to RoR so this might be a noob question. I've been looking through the documentation on nodes and beams, and I don't really understand how I even create a node or beam in blender. Can someone help me out? Edit: I do know how to use blender pretty well, I just don't know how to...
  4. S

    Unsolved Reverse.

    I am using 4.8 RC5. I Used 4.8 RC3 I use automatic to drive, my monster jam trucks. I use WASD w for foward A for left, S for reverse, and d for right. I DONT WANT to have to use 6 and 7 to shift to the gears. I WANT AUTOMATIC does anyone know the keyword for imput for reverse. i want it to go...
  5. Will

    Unsolved Mesh Import Error

    Hello, It's Will Just checking in to see if anyone could help me with this error. This happens when I import some mesh files, but sometimes it does not occur. Screenshot of the error. Thank you!
  6. X

    To all active modders

    so I create mods for MudRunner, and I have been looking at the documentation on making mods for RoR and it is all very confusing compared to MudRunner, plus I am more of a visual learner than a read it and know it kind of person, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to either teach me how...