monster truck

  1. 4x4convoy

    Hoodrat 2020 4.0

    OG_N/B - Box5Diesel Axles/Tcase/SwayBars/HeaderFlange/GD35Rim/MSD - rockgod88 New_Node/CleaningUpOfMeshes/CompleteAssembly - 4x4convoy Chassis_Mesh - Outlawed/Kazok 4Link_Meshes - RockCrwlr/Klayton Showtime_Tires - ChrisB Chevy_Body - Andrew/sheetan22 540_Engine - fernBurn_&_Andrew/sheetan22...
  2. rockgod88

    Grave Digger 35 v1

    Grave Digger 35 is a Cohen chassis monster truck that was built in 2017, and is currently driven by Adam Anderson, son of the legendary Dennis Anderson. The truck was first displayed at SEMA 2017, with a special paint job and other purple highlights, and ran the season with more conventional...
  3. CuriousMike

    Monster Train 3/24/2019

    Something I made in about an hour and a half a few years back to answer the question "What if you added monster truck suspension to a train?". Turned out too good for it not to eventually get a release. It is based off the Bombardier ALP-45DP. Has all the same features as the original, the only...
  4. Uploaded from Archives

    MeanMachine Pack 2/16/2019

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  5. Uploaded from Archives

    Monster Jam Madness 2018-12-03

    Monster Jam Madness by Box5diesel + squishy. I have updated the crush loads to deform correctly on the latest RoR version.