1. flip889

    1992 Ward Senator

    flip889 submitted a new resource: 1992 Ward Senator - Ward's (now IC Bus) flagship flatnose for much of the 1990's Read more about this resource...
  2. flip889

    1992 Ward Senator 1.0

    this is a Ward Senator, a flatnose front engine school bus produced by Ward Body Works from 1990-'93 ('93-98 for the AmTran brand) this pack has two of them, one with a DT466 engine, & another with a side emergency door & a DT408 Credits: me - NB/body boeing767 - engine /dash sounds...
  3. flip889

    WIP - Beta Released 1992 Ward Senator

    howdy! This weird looking thing is a front engine cabover school bus produced by what's now known as IC Bus Corp, to compete with Blue Bird's TC2000 & Wayne's Lifestar. It began in 1990 to replace the "President", & inherited it's big window on the passenger's side It was rebranded under the...
  4. TankurfaceJr

    Gauging Interest

    So I was thinking, it's getting to be summer, at least where I'm at. That means dirt track racing. I have a few buddies of mine and they've got some race cars. Would anyone be into some older race cars, like these?