Guess the Vehicle


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Aug 1, 2005
Same idea to guess the car, but with Aircraft, Rail Stock, Trucks, Machinery and boats

- Somebody posts a picture of a vehicle
- Others post their guesses on what the vehicle shown is
- The original poster will confirm when someone guessed right
- The first person to guess right gets to post the next picture
- You can't post another car to guessed until AFTER you've been confirmed correct
- Only allowed vehicles than than cars. Example: Tanks, Helicopters, Trucks
- After 12 hours, of incorrect answers, the original poster can choose another person to post.

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Next person to report this thread, or post any offtopic gets warnings. The two threads are for different things, and has existed on almost every forum in the past.
Please keep the cars in the proper guess the car thread. This one is for vehicles that are not cars.