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Dec 22, 2018
Hi! This is a collection of projects and mods I've worked on over the years. Most things here were previously released in 2020, however the original thread was deleted as it eventually became outdated and I was unable to make further edits.

Please be aware that everything here is in an unfinished state and isn't the highest quality.

McDonnell-Douglas MD-11
Blend file (2.79)
Yes you did read that correctly, I did work on a plane at one point. This is a conversion of the MD-11 from FlightGear, released under the GPLv2+ license. Uses a heavily modified version of Box5Diesel's 767 N/B. It's very early in development, most of the exterior meshes are in-game but they don't function correctly or at all. Started because I wanted to see another jet in RoR, abandoned after realizing the amount of work required combined with the fact that I'm not that interested in planes in general.

Model credits:
  • jormapaappa1235
  • tikibar
  • Joshua Davidson (it0uchpods)

Gavril Zeta Crawler LWB & 6x6
Long wheelbase Crawler and 6x6 versions of the Gavril Zeta. LWB Crawler functions the same as the standard (SWB) Crawler. The 6x6, however, was made purely for show, it does not function as intended. The suspension flexbodies glitch easily when driving over bumps and the actual suspension geometry isn't realistic. Credit to gabester for the original Zeta.

Gavril Omega Crawler & SWB
Crawler and short wheelbase (2 door) versions of the Gavril Omega. Both were made as just fun experiments with my favorite Gavril vehicle.

  • Gabester - Original Omega
  • Hemiboy - Crawler wheels/tires from the Desperado

Gavril MV4 Crawler
Same idea as the Omega, except using the MV4.
  • Gabester - Original MV4
  • Tatangjose - Wheels/tires from the TJSAMMY

Paved Flatmap
My personal version of Flatmap, used in a few mini images.

  • TechWolf32 - Original Flatmap
  • Rusty - Paved Flatmap idea
  • Donoteat - Platform objects near spawn
  • MeticulousMitch - Massive ramp objects from his "Mother of All Ramps" terrain
  • Mitchieboy - Skate park objects from MitCity
  • AIN_002 - Colorful test ramps and loop

Separated oil road train tankers
Separated versions of dmtactical/Beolex's oil road train tankers.

Single-Seat Race Concept [SSRC]
Race version of Rusty's Single-Seat Off-Road Concept [SSORC].

  • Rusty - SSORC
  • Charger - Wheels/Tires and wing
  • GamerN3x - Steering wheel
  • Hemiboy - Racing seat
  • ShawnVallance- Sounds

Northern-Isles Boat

A spawnable version of the boat from Tatanovitch's Northern Isles terrain.

Rollover Sled
Inspired by BeamNG. Works okayish.

Tree Winch
Winch point disguised as a tree, inspired by Spintires' winch mechanics. Automatically attaches to any lockable nodes near it. Credit to LJFHutch for the tree model.

More may be added in the future. Enjoy!


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Man, I LOVE these Gavrils. ANd the Sled is just what I needed.