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2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT

2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT 7/27/17

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screenshot_2017-02-09_17-21-15_1_tX5.png screenshot_2017-02-09_17-22-01_1_RWF.png screenshot_2017-02-09_17-21-49_1_kdc.png screenshot_2017-02-09_17-24-02_1_oLb.png screenshot_2017-02-12_20-17-27_1_yKI.png screenshot_2017-02-11_16-08-57_1_E9b.png screenshot_2017-02-11_16-10-00_1_vS0.png screenshot_2017-07-27_17-12-54_1_HV4.png

Skinzip and a PDN for skinning has also been attached.

I do not want to see any meshes from this ported into other games. This means you, Farming Simulator modders.

Use Notepad++ to edit the .truck file! It will not be formatted correctly in the default Windows Notepad.
CuriousMike, Stoat Muldoon, AdolfoPineda, DarthCain, negativeice, James2406, Sean, Venomox, 4x4convoy, Lifter, Austin
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This is one of the best large-scale collaborations Rigs of Rods has ever witnessed, and the product of it stands up to it and fully represents the commitment and care given to it. Relatively decent on FPS, it is a beautiful example of the delicate balance between function, deformation, and performance.