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Penguinville with Trolley Line

Penguinville with Trolley Line 1.0

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-- IMPORTANT NOTE: Requires the latest development build!

This is a modified version of Penguinville featuring a functional tram line.

screenshot_2018-12-30_16-00-27_1.png screenshot_2018-12-30_16-17-07_1.png screenshot_2018-12-30_16-21-15_1.png screenshot_2018-12-29_17-37-21_1.png screenshot_2018-12-30_16-31-21_1.png screenshot_2018-12-30_16-26-47_1.png screenshot_2018-12-30_16-27-40_1.png screenshot_2018-12-29_20-48-28_1.png

How to operate:
  1. Drive/walk/teleport to the tram spawner.
  2. Walk into the green circle and spawn the CNS&M Electroliner.
  3. Press L to lock the tram onto the rail.
  4. Press CTRL+HOME to start the engines, do not increase the engine power.
  5. Press F5 and F7 to raise the poles.
  6. Press F1 or F2 to begin moving forward or backward.

F1/F2 direction lever (forward-neutral-backward)
Page up/Page down throttle
F3/F4 release/apply brakes
F5/F6 and F7/F8 raise/lower poles (for both directions)
  • Once locked, the tram cannot be derailed. If you need to respawn the tram, delete it and respawn it. You cannot reset it normally as it will glitch out.
  • Even though it can't be derailed, the tram can still be damaged by other vehicles and by moving too fast. It is recommended to keep the speed below 20-24 MPH.
  • If you want to let the tram drive on its own, simply enable "Activated vehicles never sleep" in the Simulation menu then spawn another vehicle with CTRL+G.

  • @donoteat and various others - Original Penguinville
  • @BigBoy - Electroliner and Penguinville modifications
  • @CuriousMike (Myself) - Fixing, adding submesh, etc
  • RoR Developers - Changing the slidenode/railgroup code so it works again.
CuriousMike, Donoteat, Kitteh, Lepes, BigBoy
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