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    Mike's Content Stash V2

    "unfinished state " The repo is for finished mods.
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    WIP - Beta Released 1996 Toyota supra rz

    Someone seems to have forgotten what day it was. :rolleyes:
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    92 lighting multiplayer ban?

    The truck you're spawning isn't the one in the f series pack posted on the forum.
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    Liebherr LTC 1045

    I've attached the original PDN's for skinning this crane for anyone interested in creating new skins.
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    There were multiple reports, and checks into your server verifying the non-usage of the complete ban list and about inappropriate conduct on your server. It's your responsibility to monitor and keep your server inline with the rules, not the official staff.
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    Repository Upload Requests

    The wrecker versions by techart are just the cab meshes from the coronado slapped onto another vehicles N/b that doesn't fit the model. If neg wanted the original old ones uploaded, the dump, semi and rolloff, he wouldn't have made the new version, which has the same exact versions in it.
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    No idea what server you're talking about since you didn't actually mention the name. I'll assume you're talking about Elite task force, which was the only recently blacklisted server, which regularly had no bot, and did allow many banned vehicles, even when the bot was active.
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    Repository Upload Requests

    That's been posted for some time
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    Skins for 2003 Ford Windstar 1.0

    Factory Colors for the 2003 Ford Windstar. Also included is a base white and USPS Skin for the version with steelies. Make sure to download the updated Windstar first! It adds a GUID, which is required for skins.
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    Skins for 2003 Ford Windstar

    DarthCain submitted a new resource: Skins for 2003 Ford Windstar - Factory Colors! Read more about this resource...
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    2003 Ford Windstar LX - Added GUID

    Added GUID for skinning, and updated texture/damage texture. Also included PDN file for creating skins.
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    2003 Ford Windstar LX

    DarthCain updated 2003 Ford Windstar LX with a new update entry: Added GUID Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Caterpillar XQ20 Generator 1.5

    New update for my old Cat XQ20. Remade the UV map, and included some rental company skins. Also included a .pdn for anyone wanting to make skins. Credits: DarthCain Possibly to ROR-EMS, I know at one point, he placed some flares on this, but I decided not to release it with the flares since...
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    Caterpillar XQ20 Generator

    DarthCain submitted a new resource: Caterpillar XQ20 Generator - Powah!! Read more about this resource...
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    KAWASAKI 115ZV Wheel Loader - Fixed missing Texture

    Fixed missing Specular image on Forks