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    Screenshot of the Month #3

    Early Morning construction. -Mods Community Map Neg's T880 Neg's Komatsu D39EX Neg's Cat CS78B Neg's JCB 512 Loadall
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    Multicar M26

    Using "O"
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    Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    My new 23 Ford F-350
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    In-game vehicle control UI (description/commands/beginner hints)

    I'm not really a fan of it personally. Maybe an option to turn it off in the options menu and just have it on by default for the new players?
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    Random Screens

    Not sure why this has to keep being said, but please pay attention to the rules of this thread.
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    Random Screens

    Is there a reason you can't seem to follow the rules? Pic for on-topic.
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    Optimus prime truck and trailer mod fit for community guidelines.

    As Agent said, is free. That's why its recommended. If we allowed everyone to just change one file, and then completely reupload whole mods, the repository could turn into a giant mess, requiring many mods to be re-updated when a change is made the the base...
  8. Uploaded from Archives

    Liebherr 630-EC-H - Fixed flexbody issue on ropes

    Added more forset nodes to fix the issue with the ropes on the block stretching in ways not intended.
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    Liebherr 630-EC-H

    DarthCain updated Liebherr 630-EC-H with a new update entry: Fixed flexbody issue on ropes Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Random Screens

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    Ford F-Series Pack

    Did you unzip the file you downloaded like it states to do on the download page?
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    Random Screens

    Late night out.
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    Fatal error

    Please see this: The crash is caused by enabling full screen with an improper screen resolution selected.
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    Development Screens

    You can not handle them as you wish. Paid models have usage licenses which generally do not allow them to be given out to anyone other than the purchaser.