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    Solved Changing default directory for Mods in 0.4

    Have you attempted clearing your cache, then deleting the documents folder or moving it and then trying to regen the cache to see if it recognizes the folder in the install dir?
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    Development Screens

    Made tire tread and a cycles render. Next I guess I'll start on an n/b
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    What is happened is Ford taunus ?

    Someone may be able to provide an explanation if you were to upload your Ror.log file (found in C:\UserFolder\Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.4\Logs) And also if there was any errors that popped up on the screen you should screenshot that also and post it so someone could help you a bit better.
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    Solved Got a quick question.

    There is a way. All you need to do is go to the advanced tab in rorconfig and switch the input grabbing to dynamically, and when in windowed mode you'll be able to use the mouse outside of the RoR window.
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    ROR Importer Exporter version 0.6.7

    Ulteq has begun work on an exporter for the latest blender. It's in the RoR Discord server. Pretty soon we may possibly be able to forget about 2.49b Also if anyone didnt know, a feature I liked in the RoREditor was the ability to snap nodes to grid, but in Blender you can do the same thing by...
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    Released Lamborghini Miura

    Awsome!!! Welcome back! :D Amazing work :)
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    Post your Speedtest results!

    Not as bad as it was. All because I forgot to change the default wireless channel lol.
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    WIP - Beta Released 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

    Welp, it now has like 50% less nodes, thanks to inspiration from the nice viper n/b that Travis made lol.
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    Development Screens

    Looks great Michael