WIP 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus


Aug 13, 2010
Effort, Pennsylvania
This is a 2016 Audi R8

Me: 3d model, N/B
Gibbzy: Uv mapping, N/b tuning help, among other things
Philzilla: Helping out with some shocks tuning.
Pixel: Extensive testing, and suggestions
CuriousMike: Testing and feedback
Anyone else I may have forgotten is more than welcome to DM me and let me know and you will be added to the credits.

I plan on making the V8 version as well as the twin turbo V6 options. If anyone wants to beta test the n/b and/or help out a bit on the project, feel free to reach out
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Well things got a little bit unstable for us in the meantime... John is kinda unable to work on this and away from all of this

And since my main computer got wrecked for a long time now i am trying to get things together myself slowly and trying to reach where we stopped at last time we worked on the audi

As the consequence of that i cant have access to my SSDs wich i stored most of my contents, including Audi's...

I cant simply browse into them to recover all of my contents, my new device doenst allow me to have more than a single ssd plugged in...

I will try to look after this project but i can not promise its gonna be right now, i will first talk to John and see if hes okay about possibly finishing this mod...

No progress at the moment, the statements are that the nb is in game, its working, mesh needs proper attention to the deformation stuff, it has its sounds and pretty stable to drive around, so not much left ahead...
cant you just unplug an ssd and put the one with the stuff mentioned
or just find a computer that can work with the SSD and get all ur stuff back