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    nodeSnap: the new truck file editor

    Hello people, it's been 4 months I didn't do anything on nodeSnap since again life got in the way again, but it's still in my Todo list when I've got free time (probably after the summer), I'll keep you all updated.
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    nodeSnap: the new truck file editor

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to ping this so yall know it's still alive, as for the editor itself, a lot of things have changed. When I started writing the importer for jBeam files, I noticed a big limitation in the editor's way of dealing with n/bs, and it required some heavy changes to the...
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    On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

    Since this is taking too long, Zephyr and I decided to release the N/B as is for now, till we get more progress. Enjoy!
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    PC Build Thread

    i5 4670k @4.4Ghz (probably could go higher, but temps were all over the place at 4.5) 20gigs of ddr3 ram 1 SSD 250Gb 1 SSD 128Gb 1 HDD 1Tb GPU? Laptop style babe intel HD Graphics 4600 (that's all?) no, GTX 1070 (yes, they both work together in a full fledged pc, not a laptop) And yes, this...
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    Post a Picture of Your Desktop V3

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    nodeSnap: Truckfile editor

    It should work on linux fine, since I already tested it on macOS: But you will need to compile it yourself.
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    How do i make a mod for RoR?

    Well, it became recently much easier, using nodeSnap, this tuto and using this documentation
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    On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

    It actually will be deformable and breakable next update, as I did a complete rework of the n/b. You can lose an engine.. break the gears, break a whole wing or a part of it, wings overload, rudder rips off if too much pressure is applied, etc etc And of course, it flies much much better, with a...
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    switched to version and the vehicles are all flickery

    You have to disable shadows for the moment till it gets fixed.
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    how do I migrate my user/mods to the itch version

    You don't need to, just install the version and you'll have all your mods already in. RoR will still use the same mods directory as the previous version.
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    Beta nodeSnap: Truckfile editor - Version: 0.1.1-beta

    Fixed a problem with high dpi screens causing everything to be misplaced.
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    nodeSnap: Truckfile editor

    Max98 updated nodeSnap: Truckfile editor with a new update entry: Fixed a problem with high dpi screens causing everything to be misplaced. Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Beta nodeSnap: Truckfile editor 0.1.1-beta

    This project is based on rorEditozer. Tutorial Features: Parse truck file Basic edit functions (new node, remove node, new group, remove group, rename group, add beam, remove beam) Snap to grid nodes N/b transform functions (scale/rotate/translate) Render nodes id/names View resizing Fast...
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    nodeSnap: Truckfile editor

    Max98 submitted a new resource: nodeSnap: Truckfile editor - An editor for RoR's truck file format Read more about this resource...