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nodeSnap: Truckfile editor

Beta nodeSnap: Truckfile editor 0.1.1-beta

This project is based on rorEditozer.


  • Parse truck file
  • Basic edit functions (new node, remove node, new group, remove group, rename group, add beam, remove beam)
  • Snap to grid nodes
  • N/b transform functions (scale/rotate/translate)
  • Render nodes id/names
  • View resizing
  • Fast performance while editing complex n/bs
  • Duplicating functions (Offset and Flip mirroring on selected axis, works on groups and visible nodes)
  • Import blueprints and move/scale/rotate
  • Import mesh wire frame as reference for working on N/B and move/scale/rotate
  • Basic file sections editing like title/globals
  • Saved project preferences (Blueprint's positions, grid size, etc)
  • Backups system
  • Undo system (ctrl+z)
  • Project watcher system: Edit your project on notepad and the editor will reload automatically
Known issues:
  • Memory leak: reloading a few files will cause a memory leak, and the editor will become laggy.
    • Solution: Save your work, go back to the project page and press CTRL+R to reload the application.
  • Parser: set_default_minimass and set_beams_default_scale will break the parser, also nodes2 are currently not fully supported.
    • Solution: Will be fixed on the next version.
  • UI: some parts of the UI are not reactive yet, eg: blueprints importer/settings.


Double click on view resizer => reset view resizer

Right click + mouse move => move camera around
Left click + mouse move (Only on perspective view aka 3D view) => rotate on axis
Mouse wheel => Zoom

CTRL + N => truck mode
CTRL + B => blueprint mode

Truck Mode
Mouse double left click => new node
Mouse double left click + CTRL => new node snapped on grid
Mouse click on a node + drag => Move node around
Mouse click on a node + drag + CTRL => Move node around with grid snapping to the preset value
CTRL + SHIFT + click node1 + click node2 => Creates a beam + shows a temporary blue line before you click on the second node

Blueprint Mode
Mouse + gizmo:
"S" => Scale
"R" => Rotate
"T" => translate

Tree View (UI)
Right click on a node, a group or a beam for options.

Note: This is a beta version, not much testing has been done on the editor but a few projects of mine were successful using it. So be sure to always remember to save your work periodically while using it.
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Latest updates

  1. Version: 0.1.1-beta

    Fixed a problem with high dpi screens causing everything to be misplaced.

Latest reviews

Love it!
The best tool to get started on creating a vehicle or editing one with the aid of a mesh wireframe or a picture as a reference for scale purpose.