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nodeSnap: Truckfile editor

Beta nodeSnap: Truckfile editor 0.1.1-beta

It looks very nice and modern but is severely lacking in usability. You have to manually click textboxes and buttons, nothing is ever automatically focused on, ENTER key doesn't confirm things it should confirm. It's slow, tedious and painful. (editing XYZ values, or creating new group, etc)

There is no drag-and-drop support, you also can't assign .truck files to open with this, because it doesn't handle startupargs.

It lacks some crucial features that are present in Editorizer - e.g. node/beam highlighting, when you click on a node or beam in nodes list, it gets highlighted in all the views. Not in nodeSnap though.

There are severe usability issues, too - there is no quick way to toggle node numbers on/off, it is a 5-step process where: you go into Other Tab, you click Settings button, you toggle the setting, you close the Settings window, you go back to the tab you were in. This was a 1-step process in Editorizer, where you toggle it on-off by just clicking on the checkbox.

The blueprint feature is broken, because scaling is stepped, your blueprint can be too small or too big but never the size you need it to be.

nodeSnap or Editorizer or anything like it will never be intuitive, that's why you need a cheatsheet of some kind. nodeSnap lists its keyboard shortcuts in Help>About, in a separate window, in a scrollable list (you can't enlarge the window to show the whole list, it's fixed) in a window that will hide behind the nodeSnap window because it's not a TopMost window. Only useful if you have two screens.

Sometimes this will not save your work, not save the beams section, or just erase what you've done.

You will experience less frustration using Editorizer (nodes and beams sections only), or RoR with Notepad++
Love it!
The best tool to get started on creating a vehicle or editing one with the aid of a mesh wireframe or a picture as a reference for scale purpose.