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    .mesh viewer

    If you want ti quickly view .mesh on linux here is a tool for that sudo snap install ogre-meshviewer just place .mesh in home folder If you on windows use Ogre Meshy
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    Unsolved Compiling OGRE Meshy on ubuntu 16.04

    Im following instructions from here, and here they are Compiling under Linux: ====================== You'll need CMake You can get an explanation of how CMake works here...
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    Tutorial for Renumbering Nodes in Blender

    Which exporter did you use, is it bleder-portable 0.6.7 or this ?
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    ROR Importer Exporter version 0.6.7

    Here is an old RoR importer exporter for blender 2.49b
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    RoR Development builds for 0.4.8 (For Windows and Linux!)

    Its fixed but now Im getting this
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    RoR Development builds for 0.4.8 (For Windows and Linux!)

    Im getting an error after I click on download
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    Main character animations and poses in RoR

    It keep coming to my mind how we should deal with different vehicle animation, for every type on vehicle: car, truck, train, airplane. Right now we have only one sitting and driving animation and its meant to fit Agora if recall precisely. When I think of animations for cars and truck we need...