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1979-1984 Toyota Hilux/4runner Pack

Beta 1979-1984 Toyota Hilux/4runner Pack 04.13.2024

84-88 Versions updated with all new uv map/textures. Everything includes a new material shader by Miura, 3D lights all around and other various fixes.

New versions:
2wd 1984 Single cab longbed
2wd 1984 X-tra cab shortbed
2wd 1984 Double cab shortbed Hilux

Updated versions:
1984 Truck bed trailer
1984 4runner
1984 Snow trucks
1984 4wd single/x-tra/double cabs
1984 Custom cab

Some versions also include new rims/tires by Charger, and some by Chuckjoens11.

I have included all the different factory color skins as well ass some different stripe/decal kits offered by toyota in the 80s, I have also included a PDN for every version so feel free to make your own as long as the AO bake is preserved.


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