Chevrolet G30 Ambulance

Beta Chevrolet G30 Ambulance 2/23/2019

Lightbar doesn't Light how it is supposed to do
It is a very nice ambulance just wish the lights and sirens worked but amazing job
Nice Ambulance ! Good Work :)
This is a decent model overall, just like the other G30 cars. Only thing is that this needs some polishing up to occur. The cabin for the driver and passenger are great, the actual area behind that is lacking several things. I think more things need to be added into the back, and have the damage be more realistic, where it bends like the rest of the car, but not as easily.
Really only needs a bit of polishing up, including working flare patterns, detailed interior, and proper submesh collision on the box.
I would give five stars if it had a siren and working lights, but still, the mod is amazing