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Chevy Kodiak Woodchip Truck

Chevy Kodiak Woodchip Truck 1.0.0

Truck has a few flaws, but works decently well for me. Has an opening rear door, a working scissor hoist, and rear flares. (no front flares, as the original truck didn't have any)

Credits: Brett, Kitty, and all the original people who created it
Green_Sub, the N/b for the hoist and support with it

Modding policy is pretty much the same as bretts, I only really want to see skins released as mods, in the form of a skinzip. Any other modding, ask for permission before doing anything with it, or parts from it.

I don't want to see any part of this in any game or on another thing without my permission.

Je ne veux pas voir des parties de ce véhicule dans un autre jeu ou quoi que ce soit sans mon accord.

Nenhuma modificação sem a minha permissão, não coloque em outro jogo.

or something. Prolly won't help.
I think that's it. Don't think I forgot anything

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Very high quality model from when I tested it, it drives quite smoothly, and the suspension is realistic. The only problem that annoys me a bit is the fact that it can't be deformed.
It's not made to deform