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Latest reviews

this is a nice skin pack, but allow us to customize the normal mz2 red and midnight blue, and customize the mz2r orange and gray.

maybe more colors?
Nice man!
A nice skin pack!!
I didn't know this existed but now that I do, I love it!
Nice skins!!
The best skin pack!
Hmmm Pure Destruction time!
Don't correct me on this but I think this might be the biggest City or map in Rigs of Rods!
Yes very nice map!
You've made it more better to see at night and at day!
Like it!
I needed this in my RoR life lol!
A nice skin pack
Yes, Nice now construction at RockFalls raceway begins!

This beast looks like the B Series mod from beamng!
Its a nice drag strip and is prefect for racing
So nice to see a proper drag strip in ROR, hopefully this leads to more drag racing mods in the future