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Rigs of Rods Server

Rigs of Rods Server 2.43

Rigs of Rods Server 64-bit for Windows and Linux.

The latest supported version is 2021.04, 2021.10 and 2022.04.
pricorde, tdev, only_a_ptr, Hiradur, AnotherFoxGuy, mikadou, CuriousMike56, Zentro, tritonas00
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Latest updates

  1. Updated to latest code and 64bit architecture

    - 64bit architecture only - Updated to latest master branch and applied Fixed multithreading for...
  2. 8/22/2020

    Updated to latest master
  3. 2020.01

    Updated for version 2020.01 (RoRNet 2.42)

Latest reviews

it would be better if it could have an offline Lan mode so anyone who wants to connect has to connect to the exact network the server is on with the ip address and the LAN port number, and it should work whether there is internet or not on the access point. you shouldnt have to have internet access and port forwarding on the access point for it to work