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Scania R620 6X4 Ballast Tractor

Beta Scania R620 6X4 Ballast Tractor 0.6

K20, Lenni, Voulk, Kuru, Lokinor566, froggy, nexmartin, Marcus915, oldskoolmini, CuriousMike (2024 update)
Zanzurismo said she wanted to see the world so i decided to let her explore, Please be nice to her!

She is sat on air not steel but has no control of ride height but this will not be changed. The engine needs updating with a radiator, fan & new lower poly turbo. May get fitted with a gear stick & the light sign in the back of the cab has had to be removed for now.
The front & rear towbars do work & are good for maneuvering dolly trailers & it makes life a lot easier to reverse a dolly if you are driving forwards. The ballast box has not much weight, i think its only 1 tone at the moment but others will be made from it. You can lift the ballast box with a crane.
It is recommended that you use Semi auto or Manual with the gearbox or the gear change s too fast & it is only going to get worse for the final thing as gear changes will be almost instant like on Voulks KME Predator (I did the Auto gearbox setting for that)

  • Lenni: Origional Scania R480
  • Voulk: Wheels & Tires
  • Kuru: Origonal R560 6X2 & DS14 V8
  • Lokinor566: Origional Flares
  • froggy: Gear Ratios
  • nexmartin: Testing
  • Marcus915: Testing
  • oldskoolmini: Turbo
  • CuriousMike: 2024 update
To Do:
  • Replace old lightbars with new ones
  • Do a ballasted version of ballast box
  • Other minor things
Do not ask to mod & release as the answer is no as THIS IS JUST A BETA!
It s pointless but you can put the lightbars & things onto other Scania's but they will all be replaced soon & some others added on.

- K20, 2013


Improvements by @CuriousMike (April 29th, 2024):
  • Ballast box included in truck zip
  • Fixed ballast box connection points, added contactable submesh, now autolocks to truck
  • Fixed stalling at idle
  • High beams now toggled with SHIFT+N or cycled with CTRL+N
  • Added GUID & fixed parser errors
To attach the ballast box:
  • Spawn ballast box and reverse into it, will autolock onto truck when close
  • Press F3 to lower the invisible legs
  • Press F4 and wait for legs to raise
  • Press ALT+L to disconnect ballast box from truck. Will attempt re-connection in 10 seconds.
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