1. VerkaN

    WIP - Beta Released 1996 Toyota supra rz

    Hello I want to present you my first car mod I have been working on its a 1996 toyota supra.I have spent couple of months working on it and as of now I have no motivation to finish the car (it has some bugs here and there) features: -highly quality n/b structure and textures high quality...
  2. LeafeonGold

    Toyota 2JZ Sounds 11/08/2014

    This mod was originally released by me on the forums on November 8, 2014. Original Description: Aggressive 2JZ Sounds by RiXeN Beta tested by Marcus, thanks! BOV soundscript by K20 Optimized for the Gavril MV4 by Gabester, but can be used on just about anything with some modification. Video...