WIP - Beta Released 1996 Toyota supra rz


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Jul 12, 2020
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Hello I want to present you my first car mod I have been working on its a 1996 toyota supra.I have spent couple of months working on it and as of now I have no motivation to finish the car (it has some bugs here and there)
-highly quality n/b structure and textures high quality deformation!
-great mass and power its almost 1;1 to supra irl
-working flares!
-high quality overall car model
-great driving expierience
-custom sounds captured from a real 2jz motor!
-1:1 gearbox ratios
-realistic top speed
whats missing
-more versions as of now there is one
-engine model

Thank you to all kind people who helped me with development of this car wouldnt be possible without you all.

Ps. ill add pictures later im a bit busy and wanted to post it before I format my hard drive

and finally enjoy!
update 0.69
-added square


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Good mod
(EDIT: it isn't, just a April fools' prank)
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It screams supra when you start it and has a definitely unrealistic sound = troll mod
Man, I reviewed the mod before it got released, it's not a troll mod. It's a real one
At least update the main post to make it match what your mod actually is then