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  1. Uploaded from Archives

    TATRA 815 7/11/2020

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  2. Uploaded from Archives

    VW Type 181 "Thing" 10/14/2019

    Originally made for the 10-Day Trail Truck Build-Off. Changes from the original release: Added 6x6 version Completed submesh, added ties - Bed is now usable Added command descriptions + Remove engine requirement Fixed stalling Included (most..) extra skins Lots of other minor improvements...
  3. Charger

    Max IV 6x6 3/17/2019

    One of the only Amphibious ATVs available for RoR. Credits: @Charger (me) - Model, N/B, textures @Venomox - Tire/rim models, reference pictures Features: Detailed and accurate model Realistic engine and gearing setup Ropable nodes Flotation Flares Realistic sounds