1. 4x4convoy

    Tube Doors for Stoat's F-Series Fords 1.0

    These tube doors will fit Stoat's 84, 87, & 92 fords from the F-Series Pack
  2. 4x4convoy

    Billet grills for Stoat's 92 Fords 1.0

    These are Billet style grills for Stoat's 92 fords from the F-Series Pack There are 4 styles included: Black Black w/ Ford Emblem Chrome Chrome w/ Ford Emblem
  3. Miggy

    Carlos' Aftermarket Parts

    WELCOME TO MY THREAD Hello, I will be posting my aftermarket parts for Rigs of Rods. [UPDATES] *A .pdn skin template has been added into the Enkei TS5 zip folder for people who want to personalize the rim with their desired color. Enkei TS5 Wheels Download (Instructions included in the .zip...
  4. Miggy

    Roll cage for Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2020.01

    This is a simple roll cage for the Mitsubishi Space Wagon, which is done in under 10 minutes so don't expect high quality details on it. It makes your Wagon look cooler tho. This is how it looks: VEHICLE NOT MINE (Gabester's) If you're going to publish a modified version of this aftermarket...