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    Agora L 4 Doors LE 1.0

  2. flip889

    WIP - Beta Released 2002 Renault Agora S

    Howdy! i & probably some of y'all may remember a forgotten rebirth of the Renault Agora S, a bus that ships by default with RoR & posted on the old forums i figured i'd finish & post my own Agora rebirth on the new forums to pay homage to not only the original default bus by pricorde, but also...
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    RVI Agora S Revival 3/24/2013

    This is the revival mod for pricorde's Agora S. It is meshed, and much higher quality. Credits: Pricorde - Original bus Derbymutt - Revival, meshes, re-texturing, n/b fixes and changes, shader stuff Fradias - Wheels & Tires Modding Policy: Modding and releasing any content for this bus on a...