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RVI Agora S Revival

RVI Agora S Revival 3/24/2013

This is the revival mod for pricorde's Agora S. It is meshed, and much higher quality.

  • Pricorde - Original bus
  • Derbymutt - Revival, meshes, re-texturing, n/b fixes and changes, shader stuff
  • Fradias - Wheels & Tires

Modding Policy:
Modding and releasing any content for this bus on a mod of it or on another vehicle is permitted and encouraged as long as due credit is given.

Basically, Mod away and give credit.

  • It is fully skinnable. If you do not like the plastic paneling on the bus, just comment out agora_fb.mesh and agora_rear_lights.mesh from the flexbody section as well as the forset line below them.
  • It is also deformable and flexbody.
  • I have also used flexbodies for the tires, so that they work in multiplayer and still are deform-able and separate from the rim mesh.

- Derbymutt, 2013
Derbymutt, Fradias, Pricorde
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