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    RVI Agora S Revival 3/24/2013

    This is the revival mod for pricorde's Agora S. It is meshed, and much higher quality. Credits: Pricorde - Original bus Derbymutt - Revival, meshes, re-texturing, n/b fixes and changes, shader stuff Fradias - Wheels & Tires Modding Policy: Modding and releasing any content for this bus on a...
  2. N

    MAN KAT1 5 Ton 4x4 1.0

    MAN Kat1 5 tonne Military truck Credits: Shaders: enterprise-e Deformation: Stoat Engine Tuning: K20 and Neg-Ice Some Texture work: VeyronEB Everything Else: Neg-Ice Press T ingame to see commands. Modding Rules: You are allowed to use...
  3. N

    2013 Ford F150 1

    My old f150 I did a very long time ago with the help of PRTaudiman and Stoat Deformable with detaching parts. credits prtaudiman: heavy tunning , sounds, support beta tester: support and testing Stoat Muldoon: support and assistance with detachable parts negativeice: everything else have fun...
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    Dodge Charger 9/21/2020

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  5. PoLi

    Ford Mustang (1979-1982) 2020-07-29

    Restomod styled build of first Foxbody Ford Mustang (1979-1982) Feature crete 351 Windsor engine (526hp, 510Nm) aftermarket coilover suspension mod includes different spoilers and rims versions (in drop down menu) and number of skins to choose from. This mod is for R.O.R. use only. You not...
  6. CuriousMike

    BMW E36 Polizei Sedan 2023-02-25

    German police variant of the BMW E36, originally uploaded to the BMW E36 Workshop on the old forum. It has been turned into a standalone mod, along with other improvements. Controls: CTRL+1 - Lightbar H - Siren Credits: Gabester - Base N/B Nadeox1 - E36 VeyronEB, Mitchieboy, Nadeox1 -...
  7. Rias Gremory

    On Hold 1986 Audi Sport quattro S1

    Anyone else done a Audi Sport quattro S1? Very plenty of work to do - everything is missing, except the N/B, which is unfinished anyway. Planned features; Flexbody; Skins for the Rally version; Realistic size, power & weight; Fully meshed body: submesh only for collisions; Attachable...
  8. CuriousMike

    Gavril Omega Limousine 3/23/2020

    You've been chauffeured around in your Burnside Limousine for years. But now you want something larger. Something even more impractical. Enter the Gavril Omega Limousine, available now at Rig-A-Deal. This is a limo conversion of the Gavril Omega, originally made back in 2017. Decided to finally...
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    Citroen 2CV 12/24/2019

    This is a Citroen 2CV Atlas and Masfilip made for the Factory Car Competition. Atlas made the model, Masfilip made the N/B. Changes from the original release: Fixed all spawner log errors Made green/white skins selectable between versions Features: Medium detailed model Realistic...
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    Mazda Rotary Pickup 10/21/2019 Hotfix

    TatangJose's Mazda Rotary Pickup, updated for 0.4.8 RC5+ Changes from the original release: Fixed parser errors Fixed door beams breaking Improved command controls Added mini images Controls: F1/F2 - Hood F3/F4 - Left door F5/F6 - Right door F7/F8 - Tailgate F9/F10 - Rear Anti-Roll bar...
  11. Stoat Muldoon

    Toyota AE86 9/17/2014

    Stoat Muldoon's unfinished AE86, Re-uploaded due to high demand.
  12. CuriousMike

    Gavril Omega DET 11/10/2019

    Undercover variant of the Gavril Omega, originally released on the Repository long ago but was removed since it was based on an older version of the Omega. It has been updated with the current version's features plus: Upgraded engine Custom flares Moving antenna Siren Controls: CTRL+1 -...
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    1981 Datsun 720 King Cab 4x4 5/16/2019

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  14. CuriousMike

    Mitsubishi Pajero + GBV Off-Road Caravan 6/6/2019

    Masa's Mitsubishi Pajero, updated for 0.4.8RC4+ Also includes the GBV Off-Road Caravan:
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    1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail 3/29/2019

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    1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK 3/21/2019

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    Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 CDI 3/21/2019

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    1969 Dodge Super Bee 4/27/2022

    1969 Dodge Super Bee Pack Originally made in 2014, this pack contains two cars. The first is a 1969 Dodge Super Bee 440+6, pictured above as the car on the left. The second car is a custom 1969 Dodge Super Bee Specialized, a customized and turbocharged version of the Super Bee. Credits...
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    BMW E39 M5 6/29/2020

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    SEAT Ibiza 3/25/2022

    Seat Ibiza by Mythbuster, updated for Versions: 1.4 2.0l GTI