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GMC Vandura "A-Team"

GMC Vandura "A-Team" 1.0

Creak, Silvermanblue, PrT Audiman, Brett, CuriousMike
A-Team Mod by PrT Audiman

All addon parts and alterations done by PrT Audiman


So whats changed?

Apart from the small changes such as the longer gear ratios, making it AWD, the little bit more torque and slightly stronger brakes not much in terms of how it drives. Its been lowered and given a little bit more traction.

It has custom engine sounds, straight from a GMC 5.7L V8 and a horn with a twist... (because I couldn't help myself)

The major changes are on the exterior.
  • New skin to match the A team van
  • Roof spoiler
  • Windshield cover (chromed for lols)
  • Bullbar with foglights
  • Foglights on the roof
  • Mirrors that also work like mirrors
  • Flared bodykit including side step and foglights on the front bumper
  • New exhaust which runs up to where the engine would be
  • Custom wheels and custom wheelband
  • Ariel holder (the chrome bit that the ariel sits on)
  • Ariel
  • Custom number plate (just because it ties it together nicely)
Everything is deformable so crash the hell out of it :)

- PrT Audiman, 2014

Improvements by @CuriousMike (May 24th, 2024):
  • Applied all improvements from the base G20 van
  • Updated skin (Sidelights, underbody, removed incorrect G30 badging)
  • Swapped Chevrolet emblem with GMC (Thanks again, Brett!)
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