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Slingshot 1.0

philzilla, CuriousMike (2024 update)

This is a Small Catapult that is drivable-ish...


Instructions on How to use this.
1.Back into or place an object on the rear of the swing arm
2.Press and hold F2 to fold the tires underneath the devise (Optional step)
3.Lock the object onto the swing arm with L
4.Lock the swing arm with O
5.Toggle the Shift Mode Q to Fully Manual or Auto Clutch and shift into Neutral
6.Press and hold F4 to tension the swing arm. You may want to give it some gas to speed up the process. You will know when to let go once the rpm's start to drop down to 1000, then rise back again.
**Here's the tricky part that may take some practice.
7.Get ready to release the swing arm by pressing O then quickly after press L to release the object. Use your own judgment on when to release objects.
Note, the heavier the object the later you push L
The heavier the object thrown the shorter of a distance it can be thrown
The lighter the object thrown the farther of a distance it can be thrown
(This one is kind of obvious)

I recommend Cascades for a map to launch vehicles on

This Catapult can launch the S10's fairly far at around 8000kg
>8000 is its limit
But hey you can try to launch whatever you like.
Feel free to mod it. It shouldn't be hard to get more power out of it, but as of right now it is setup to be a stable platform.
The mechanism consists of a tension spring at 500,000 with no shock value. Im sure you can think of ways to make it swing things farther

- philzilla, 2009

Improvements by @CuriousMike (July 1st, 2024):
  • Fixed ball not locking
  • Fixed submesh parser errors
  • The tires produce excessive particles on spawn, be sure to fold them with F2!
  • Press BACKSLASH key to quickly set physics speed to 10%. This will greatly help with launching lighter objects.
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