1. Will

    WillM's Thomas Pack public 1.0

    Thomas Built Buses, Inc. is an American bus manufacturer. Thomas produces other bus designs for a variety of usages. The 4 buses are "from" an old operating lot in Franklin County, Alabama. Their lettering, numbers, and stickers have been removed. The pack is comprised of mostly aging buses...
  2. Will

    WillM's FS-65 Pack public 1.0

    The Freightliner FS-65 is a cowled bus chassis (conventional style) that was manufactured by Freightliner from 1997 to 2008. Credits: Myself - everything Voulk - hood/nb Tylermay209 - gauges Mod Information: DO NOT USE OR TAKE ANY PARTS FROM THIS BUS FOR USE IN ANY OTHER VEHICLE OR GAME! All...
  3. Will

    WillM's EF Pack public 1.0

    The Thomas Saf-T-Liner is a transit-style (Type D) school bus product line produced by Thomas Built Buses. Credits: Myself - everything Tylermay209 - gauges Mod Information: DO NOT USE OR TAKE ANY PARTS FROM THIS BUS FOR USE IN ANY OTHER VEHICLE OR GAME! All bugs are known of and will not be...
  4. Will

    WillM's CE Pack public 1.0

    IC Bus (originally IC Corporation) is an American bus manufacturer. Established in 2002, IC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar International. Credits: Myself - everything Tylermay209 - gauges Mod Information: DO NOT USE OR TAKE ANY PARTS FROM THIS BUS FOR USE IN ANY OTHER VEHICLE OR...
  5. Uploaded from Archives

    Amphicoach 1.0

    BigBoy's amphibious tourist bus, updated for the latest RoR version. Updates: Fixed stability issues caused by incorrectly defined rotator New AO bake New performance configuration Contactable submesh (RoRBot can stand inside, but unfortunately he's too tall :( ) Color options with PSD...
  6. Chris24

    Released NeoQueretaro Public School District Bus 12-38 (Graysonk95's HDX skinned)

    This is a skinned version of Grayson's HDX, it is skinned for NeoQueretaro and is my first public skinning project so please don't criticize me too much.
  7. Uploaded from Archives

    Agora L 4 Doors LE 1.0

  8. flip889

    WIP - Beta Released 2002 Renault Agora S

    Howdy! i & probably some of y'all may remember a forgotten rebirth of the Renault Agora S, a bus that ships by default with RoR & posted on the old forums i figured i'd finish & post my own Agora rebirth on the new forums to pay homage to not only the original default bus by pricorde, but also...
  9. Manieczek

    Released Neo Queretaro Public Transportation skin for Graysonk's 95 HDX Saf-T-Liner transit bus.

    I got annoyed by driving a Starling Island bus in Neo Queretaro, decided I'll make a skin to match the map. Don't expect much, this is just a quick project! Thanks to: Graysonk95 [vehicle] Gimp [Not crashing when I was making this skin]
  10. iburing

    Toei bus Livery for the Fenton11 1.0

    Graysonk95's Fenton 11 of Toei bus Livery. That is The most famous bus in Japan. Do have fun with them.
  11. Uploaded from Archives

    RVI Agora S Revival 3/24/2013

    This is the revival mod for pricorde's Agora S. It is meshed, and much higher quality. Credits: Pricorde - Original bus Derbymutt - Revival, meshes, re-texturing, n/b fixes and changes, shader stuff Fradias - Wheels & Tires Modding Policy: Modding and releasing any content for this bus on a...
  12. E

    mystery ?

    hello I managed to recover a bus from an old deleted ror site (I do not know who is the creator of this mod) suddenly I do not steal any content just you show the masterpiece of this mysterious modder if someone knows his nickname so that we honor him !
  13. ftamino

    Beta Skinpack for the MAN Caetano Enigma 0.1

    This is a skinpack for the MAN Caetano Enigma: Autobus Oberbayern: Electric Flixbus: Elecrtric Flixbus Blue Flixbus All the Skins are based on real german busses. More Skins will come soon Be in touch: https://github.com/Ftamino/RigsOfRodsSkins/tree/main
  14. Will

    Outdated Thomas FS-65 - Dept. of Corrections 1

    WARNING: THIS MOD IS OLD. Created from Voulk's Thomas Built Buses Pack w/ permission from Voulk to create and post. This bus is from the vanilla pack, with DOC modifications to make it able to transport the mischievous. Do not edit this bus. Do not claim it as your own. All permission...
  15. sievert

    Rigs of Rods Transit Commission Liveries for the Fenton 11 1.0

    A couple of skins for Graysonk95's Fenton 11 of a fictional transit company known as the Rigs of Rods Transit Commission (RTC). I just decided to make these out of nowhere. Firstly, there's this one, the standard livery. It is inspired by the Toronto Transit Commission's current bus livery. Not...
  16. hagdervriese

    Beta Mercedes Benz 508D Mini Bus 2020-12-26

    my reworked MB 508 oldtimer minibus.
  17. Will

    Outdated 2016 Bluebird All American T3FE School Bus V1

    WARNING: THIS MOD IS OLD. The 6th Generation Bluebird All American, also dubbed The Blue Bird TX4. One of the newest of it's kind. The 6th generation of All American buses comes with many visual and structural improvements, most notable the newly designed modern stylized roofcap design. This...
  18. Uploaded from Archives

    Renault FR1 GTX 2020-11-01

    Updated to use .skin file vs. broken sections.
  19. graysonk95

    "Fenton F11" City Bus 12/16/2015

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  20. MrSteakPotato

    2013 BusFag 6/30/2019

    Brought to you by the newbs Jaw-4 (MrSteakPotato) and Dkutch (123abc) It features: Realistic suspension design. Trail ready design Accurately designed textures Fully custom 5 spoke super swag rims A stop sign A driver with a cap Kids And last but not least it is automatically awesome, because...