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    MAN Caetano Enigma 4/14/2020

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    Renault S53R 3/20/2019

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    Renault S53RX 3/20/2019

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    Flxible Metro D 3/12/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  5. V

    Voulk Thomas Built Buses 1/26/2019

    This pack includes 4 Thomas school buses: Freightliner FS-65, International S1800, International 3800 and a 4x4 monster bus. Each one have 3 levels of details to choose from in the vehicle selection menu, make sure to try them all to see which one is the best for your computer. A paint.net file...
  6. hagdervriese

    Classic Routemaster Bus 0.10

    Classic english Routemaster Bus i built years ago. Even if it does not look like, it is also fun to drive this through the mountains. You can do everything with this boat, as long as you give me credits
  7. graysonk95

    Thomas Saf-T-Liner HDX 1.4

    (Three different forum moves and this mod still won't go away). This is a Thomas HDX. This bus is powered by an 8.9L Cummins ISL paired up with a 6-spd Allison 2000. There are 4 unique versions: School - traditional yellow school bus Activity - white school bus EMS - outfitted as a giant...
  8. Jason_

    Jason's IC CE Bus Pack 6/4/2019

    *Outdated* Jason's IC CE pack. 2005 IC CE200 (6.0L VT365) 2006 IC CE200 (6.0L VT365) 2009 IC CE300 (7.6L MaxxForce DT) 2010 IC CE300 (7.6L MaxxForce DT) 2012 IC CE300 (7.6L MaxxForce DT) 2013 IC CE300 (7.6L MaxxForce DT) 2015 IC CE (6.7L Cummins ISB) 2018 IC CE (6.7L Cummins ISB) Credits...