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2013 BusFag

2013 BusFag 6/30/2019

Dkutch, MrSteakPotato, CuriousMike
Brought to you by the newbs Jaw-4 (MrSteakPotato) and Dkutch (123abc)


It features:
  • Realistic suspension design.
  • Trail ready design
  • Accurately designed textures
  • Fully custom 5 spoke super swag rims
  • A stop sign
  • A driver with a cap
  • Kids
  • And last but not least it is automatically awesome, because it is a textured box (I think here they are referred to as buses) and I know all buses here are automatically awesome, because they are here.

See what some people said:

"You all talk about how we drive these boxy things. Look what you all are doing. Plus, whoever made that has horrible modding skills." -Some loser who loves imagining kids in his vehicle

"This HAS to be the best bus in RoR, nothing stands a chance compared to it!!!!" -Some guy

"Next person to defend their school bus fetish is getting an infraction" -Best Evar

Disclaimer: This was made just to poke fun at bus fans, please don't take this seriously. kthxbai
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Latest reviews

I have never in my life seen such a detailed bus. I've never driven a bus but I could guess the handling is spot on. The bus driver is such an amazing detail, not even the poorly made buses have a driver!
The pinnacle of modding.
The greatest BeamNG And RoR Bus eber
12/10yo most capable offroad vehicle in the game, practically drives up walls, looks like a "papercraft diy bus" cutout from a cereal box
1/5 no diks poking outta tailpipe
Best mod in the game!!!!!!!!!!
Best bus in Rigs of Rods history. No buts about it!