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Voulk Thomas Built Buses

Voulk Thomas Built Buses 1/26/2019

This pack includes 4 Thomas school buses: Freightliner FS-65, International S1800, International 3800 and a 4x4 monster bus.

Each one have 3 levels of details to choose from in the vehicle selection menu, make sure to try them all to see which one is the best for your computer.
A paint.net file is included in the pack to make your own skin as well as a bunch of ready to use skin in the spec folder.
Use the T key ingame for the controls.

Credits for some of the sounds go to khadner, red/amber flares animation from graysonk95's BBV.

-Animated engine fan, driveshafts, hood, rear door, driver window, gear shifter, pedals, console switches, dashboard gauge, dashboard fan, wipers
-High idle switch
-Lights monitor
-Functional dashboard with turn signals, headlight and park indicator

No mods and no taking parts off from the buses. Skins are welcome.

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Beautiful buses; even the fans and driver's windows work! The 3800 brings back memories of the similar AmTran and International buses from when I was in school.
i love it
A fantastic set of high quality buses!
The Thomas S1800 is probably my favorite one because it is a very old bus and reminds me of the ones my school had back in the day (early/mid 2000's). When I was young, I never liked those wheels, but now I've grown to love them because they are a historic part of trucking. The overall buses, features, and perfectly done wheels are awesome! Download this mod if not already in the game files.
These are some really good busses.
i like this school bus work great.... i like school buses keep posting more
Excellent pupil transportation devices