1. Forge

    Golden Services Skin 1.0

    It may be very basic, as its just the logo slapped on the doors (That's how it is IRL). But its my first ever skin! Golden Services is a moving company that I know pretty well. Their fleet consists of Freightliners, so I gave the FLA and the FLD this skin!
  2. graysonk95

    Beta Freightliner FLA Cabover Semi 0.1

    The Freightliner FLA series was the successor to the White Freightliner cabover. I've had the great privilege of sitting behind the wheel of an FLA and then completely dismembering it for parts. That experience almost 3 years ago led me to model one of these iconic trucks for RoR. This truck is...
  3. CuriousMike

    1995 Freightliner FLD120 Century 6/28/2019

    Changes: Fixed stall RPM being higher than idle RPM Removed unneeded 0.4 version Cab materials now use managedmaterials Added @Austin's skin pack Added a little surprise
  4. N

    Freightliner Coronado SD 1

    No you do not have permission to use my model.........(Maybe ask?) CTRL-T commands The air suspension has 2 height stages for your convenience, just hit the forward command button again, vise versa to lower. Thanks to those who contributed The quickswap can also be used with the mack semi...
  5. V

    Voulk Thomas Built Buses 1/26/2019

    This pack includes 4 Thomas school buses: Freightliner FS-65, International S1800, International 3800 and a 4x4 monster bus. Each one have 3 levels of details to choose from in the vehicle selection menu, make sure to try them all to see which one is the best for your computer. A file...