1. Jett G

    Blender Heightmap????

    Will there be an Updated tutorial on making Blender Heightmaps Soon in the Rigs of Rods Documentation???
  2. Will

    Blender Export Issue

    Hello. I am exporting in blender and receiving an error. Error: My Blender Settings: If you need any other info, please let me know!
  3. Will

    Unsolved Mesh Import Error

    Hello, It's Will Just checking in to see if anyone could help me with this error. This happens when I import some mesh files, but sometimes it does not occur. Screenshot of the error. Thank you!
  4. Will

    Most recent Blender project

    Title says it all. What is your most recent blender project? Mine is this kitchen render I've been working on:
  5. Will

    Solved Blotchy Image When Baking (Blender)

    Whenever I am making a bake, the image always comes out 'blotchy' or pixelated. Screenshot: (It doesn't look this way from far away, but zooming in it is.)
  6. U

    Blender N/B Import/Export Plugin 2023-01-03

    Guide: Features: Full vertex group support Automatic column alignment Sophisticated vertex position rounding Full preservation of the original truck file Automatic beam sorting based on the vertex groups All node, beam and cab...