bmw e36

  1. highRPM

    North American-style police skin for BMW E36 Polizei Sedan 1.0

    North American-style police skin, so it's black and white. Does not replace the European-style siren sound or blue-lights-only lightbar. Comment any problems if you encounter some, however, I think there isn't any. Enjoy! :) ---------------- Credits: for the SVG images I used
  2. Asphaltum

    Chinese skins for BMW E36 Polizei and Sedan 1.1

    Skins for the E36 Sedan and Polizei. (I might add more skins to this file in the future) After an update, now it Includes: - Chinese license plates - Beijing Chengguan (北京城管) - China National Highway Law Enforcement (中國路政) - Chinese SWAT (中國特警) - Chinese Armed Police Force (武警) - Shanghai EMS...
  3. Asphaltum

    China Ride-Hailing skins for BMW E36 Update 3

    Some skins I made for the BMW E36 (my first skins made) This includes: - T3 Chuxing (T3 出行) - Caocao Chuxing (曹操出行) - Three variants of DiDi Chuxing (滴滴出行) - Chinese license plates for each skin - And more! Most of them are white since that is a common colour used by the companies. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Igor pegoraro321

    Civil Police of State of São Paulo(PCESP) 1.1

    a skin of the old painting of the PCESP for the BMW E36 Polizei Version.