1. VerkaN

    Beta Burnside face-lift skins 1.03

    A pack of skins for burnside featuring: -new looking front and rear -new custom colors -new look for interior -2 special versions (deluxe and beater version) instalation: -place the file in the mods folder If there are any problems with the skin contact me on forum. credits to gabester for...
  2. CuriousMike

    Beta Burnside Pickup 0.8

    First released three years ago on my old "Content Graveyard" thread, this is a pickup conversion of the Burnside. I've finally deemed it "good enough" for a Repository release. This mod was originally created by Charger as part of a modding competition, I have since reworked it with an edited...
  3. VerkaN

    On Hold Burnside face-lift skins

    Hello everyone I want to present you my skins. At the moment there is one variant with changed:front fascia and rear lights and a burnside ornament on the bootlid. the skin comes in 5 colors. credits: Gabester [vehicle] VerkaN(me)-skin planned things: -2 more models with diffrent trims -more...
  4. vlvach

    Beta Factory colors for burnside 1.2

    Hello everyone I present to you the factory colors for burnside. Check latest updates)