1. TankurfaceJr

    Gauging Interest

    So I was thinking, it's getting to be summer, at least where I'm at. That means dirt track racing. I have a few buddies of mine and they've got some race cars. Would anyone be into some older race cars, like these?
  2. ThatMercedesGuy93

    Modding Question

    Hello! I need help with 3 things, if anyone can try to explain how in simple standards, I would be happy! 1. how do I lower a vehicles suspension? 2. How do I alter a Vehicles drivetrain? 3. (kind of going off #1: ) How do I Lift a cars suspension, if it is different to lowering, and does...
  3. TankurfaceJr

    Car News

    HEADLINES (from MotorTrend) 1. I'm sure y'all have heard this already, but Dodge is rumored to remove the Charger and Challenger from their lineup by 2024. F's in the chat, boys. Read more here. 2. Ford's Bronco Raptor will NOT have a V8, rather the twin-turbo EcoBoost, because of "weight...
  4. Mark

    ❓ how to make car louder pls help 🚗🔊

    car is too quiet so i turn up volume but volume to loud when others drive by it hurt my ears pls help thanku its no fun driving in silent car sound is half the fun it makes cool sounds pls
  5. RoRBot

    Guess the car

    - Somebody posts a picture of a car - Others post their guesses on what the car shown is - The original poster will confirm when someone guessed right - The first person to guess right gets to post the next picture - You can't post another car to guess until AFTER you've been confirmed correct -...
  6. Uploaded from Archives

    1965 Austin Mini 4/27/2022

    1965 Austin Mini From its Wikipedia entry: Credits: dhymers: Original mod AgentV12: Prop placement Xploder98: Fixes and updates