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    Side Lift Container Trailer 1.1

    Trailer for the 20ft and 40ft ISO Containers. Includes red color by @Fili86RaceFace. Controls: F1/F2-stabilizers up/down F3/F4-slide to fit 20ft containers F5/F6-first boom up/down F7/F8-second boom up/down F9/F12 -crane stabilizers CTRL+F1 - Lock chains (press once and wait for the chains to...
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    Krone Box Liner 4/16/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
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    ISO Containers 1.2

    20ft/40ft/45ft/48ft/53ft containers. Skins from the skin contest from the original forum are included. Supports the PoLi trailer locking system, just drop it on on and to unhook, you have to use a crane.
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    Sgnss-y 1/23/2019

    European container car Features Detailed meshes Realistic buffers and coupling Custom sounds Compatible with donoteat's containers Camerarail ( only) Instructions - Coupling is done by pulling up/down the silver/black levers at the edges of the wagon with your mouse. Click here for a...