1. Mark

    Unsolved Plane controls occasionally getting stuck when other players spawn vehicles

    So, sometimes, when flying a plane, the controls get stuck when someone spawns a new vehicle. Not always. Maybe 1/20th of the time. Meaning that, while flying around, it will suddenly set the ailerons to their maximum position, causing the plane to roll violently (almost always to the right in...
  2. S

    Unsolved Reverse.

    I am using 4.8 RC5. I Used 4.8 RC3 I use automatic to drive, my monster jam trucks. I use WASD w for foward A for left, S for reverse, and d for right. I DONT WANT to have to use 6 and 7 to shift to the gears. I WANT AUTOMATIC does anyone know the keyword for imput for reverse. i want it to go...
  3. BigOrangeBronc

    Unsolved - No Reply from OP How Do You Change The Simulation-Speed?

    Neither the new sim speed controls work (SHIFT =,+)(CTRL +,=) I've tried uninstalling, and updating to the newest version. This used to work on my lap-top, and all the other controls work. My keyboard doesn't have an equals sign on the num-pad, if that's the equals sign it wants. If that's the...